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The Ranger Handbook

A friendly guide to having an outstanding Outside Lands

Be Good to Each Other 

There’s having a great time… and there’s being that person. Always be considerate of your fellow festival goers, performers, and the amazing staff who bring the festival to life. Tune in to your surroundings, move through crowds without pushing and shoving, and remember: if you see something, say something – check on anyone that looks like they might need some help and alert the nearest Staff or Medical & Safety team member immediately.

Take Care of Yourself

Having a great Outside Lands means being prepared – festivals are a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself, take breaks, and remember to stay hydrated at the various water refill stations, even if it’s chilly in Golden Gate Park. Don’t forget to keep one eye on your surroundings and another on your belongings (or store them in a secure locker for peace of mind). 

Protect the Park 

Outside Lands is fortunate to call one of the most beautiful parks in the world Home Sweet Home, and like any wilderness enthusiast, we strive to leave no trace. Show appreciation for our stunning surroundings by throwing trash, compost, and recycling away in their proper bins so we can keep Golden Gate Park clean and vibrant for our neighbors who use it all year round.

Respect the Party

Outside Lands brings us all together for three days of good times and self-expression – and it’s the people who truly make the festival so special. Keep the vibes positive all weekend long by always being kind and thoughtful and having fun!

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